While there's no consensus definition of exactly what constitutes a sense (5, 9 or 21? Anyone?), as a key that unlocks moment and memory no-one can deny the power that the senses have over our lives. The link between scent processing and recollection is well studied, and we've all experienced that feeling when a taste has brought us right into the present. Our aim is to help create moments through preparations that don't just activate primary senses like taste + smell, but also awaken internal feelings both subtle and strong. Written language doesn't do justice to these kind of things, but if we had to choose then the words we'd use would be balance, energy and alertness, connectedness and openness, relaxation, flow, release.


We encourage you to slow down when preparing the infusion. There's something powerful about considered movement and action to create a personal, positive and mindful moment. Notice the smells, the flavours, and feelings that come with drinking the preparation. Each blend has a guide to brewing but this should be considered just that, a guide. As everyone's preferences are slightly different, experimentation wth brew times and amount of leaves will make for a more personal and tailored experience. We've worked to ensure that each blend is very forgiving of both water temperature and brew time, so that you can own and access the experience as easily as possible.


The botanicals that make their way into each blend are chosen based on form, function, flavour, and the availability and supply of quality, ethically produced and sourced ingredients. We choose Australian/local over imported where appropriate, Certified Organic where sufficient certification is available, and wild harvested where possible. 

We only use organically grown or ethically wildcrafted/wild harvested produce. For many reasons, we will not source any ingredients from producers that use conventional farming methods. This means you can be comfortable knowing that your infusion will be free of synthetic “cides” (pesti-, herbi- and fungi-), that the plants have been grown in healthy, nutrient rich soil, and that supporting organic farming is a stand for a more sustainable and biodiverse world. 

Not all plants are grown in Australia (let alone organically grown in Australia) for a variety of reasons. Climate/soil/habitat/fungal symbiosis, adaptability of the plant, and even market maturity all mean that some ingredients simply can't be sourced from Australian growers. Added to this, not all Australian grown products have the quality of crops grown in some particular regions in the world due to cultural history of production and use. 

Organic, when referring to food production, means a plant has been grown and cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals. "Certified Organic" generally specifies plants must be grown without the use of synthetic or toxic substances for a three-year minimum period (including no artifical colours or fragrances). A number of internationally recognized bodies oversee the term “Certified Organic”. 

ACO and NASAA are the Australian Standards that we look for in our suppliers.

Wildcrafted/wild harvested botanicals are gathered (hand harvested) from clean remote areas with consideration for the maintenance and balance of ecosystems, and are generally shade dried. 


Small Batch is probably overused as a term, but it's useful to understand the benefits that this type of focus can bring. We use hand blending in small batches as a way to constantly improve each aspect of both the blend and production. From quality control, to tweaks in blend, packaging, or introducing a new supplier, the aim is to evolve in a sustainable, positive way.



Our MIRON jars are recyclable, but we urge you to reuse them, as they really are special. Herbs and spices stored in them keep pretty much indefinitely, and we think that’s something to celebrate.

We use REDcycle for all our film/soft plastic recycling.