Herbal Tincture | 30ml | 60 doses

Herbal Tincture | 30ml | 60 doses


In collaboration with the amazing ENKI APOTHECARY, we’ve distilled our signature blends (RLX, CLR, FCS, OPN and LFT) into spagyric tinctures for a potent expression of our chosen power botanicals.

Prepared with intentional methodology over 40 days, each tincture is highly bioavailable, contains the mineral salts of the plants, and retains the culinary and functional essence of the infusion in a form that can be carried with you throughout the day, used as a beverage additive (think bitters without being as bitter) or under the tongue as a supplemental, supportive application.

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Each Tincture is supplied in Miron violet glass to ensure maximum shelf life and potency.