Inspired by the concept of Moment As Medicine, the incredible wealth and beauty of nature and a search for balance and composition, SenseCraft Herbals simply aim to help create positive, present moments for those who seek them through functional and beautiful herbal preparations. Please see the Philosophy page for more info on ingredient choice, production and thoughts on preparation. 



My journey with botanical infusions (herbal teas, tisanes, them what you will) started in a backpackers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was given a piping hot gourd of yerba mate and my eyes were opened to a very different experience to what I was used to in caffeinated drinks. One that's more euphoric, sustained and without the jitters and crash of coffee (even though I do love a good coffee). I'd also felt the powerful stimulant effects of Siberian Ginseng and Guarana in supplement form, and the sedative and relaxing effects of Valerian and Chamomile, but knew there was more to uncover with such a huge, world wide library of experience, medicinal use and cultural history with our plant helpers and friends.

Fast forward a few years and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity and time to collaborate with some amazing, forward thinking people, and to pursue both formal study and a series of iterative (and most definitely ongoing!) experiments with some amazing examples of functional and culinary flowers, herbs, fruits and spices, developing preparations of botanicals that expressed and supported different sensory (physical, mental and emotional) effects. 

My personal aim is to make these powerful botanicals accessible and attractive, both as blends and whole herbs, and to get out of the way as much as possible to let the plants speak for themselves. I truly hope you find as much value here as I have.

Cheers, peace and gratitude

Shannon Davidson

Certified Herbalist
Award winning blender
Member Australasian Tea Association